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Continuous Improvement





Day-Pak is committed to delivering lowest total procurement costs to our customers. We work with you throughout each year to:

Understand your cost savings goals

Evaluate your purchase history

Identify best practices that result in cost savings opportunities

Implement best practices through ongoing support and assistance from a dedicated account service team


To meet our commitment, we work together through an integrated, web based, continuous improvement tracking system called iSYS. iSYS enables us to track continuous improvement projects, quantify cost in use savings and plan ahead for further cost reduction activities.



In addition, our sales, customer service and technical service team has completed a

six-module packaging education program. This certification combined with tested field experience assures our customers they are being served by individuals completely qualified to evaluate their packaging processes, make product selections and recommendations and help improve their packaging processes.


We consider this service to be a value-added capability that is available to all of our customers. If you would like more information on how to take advantage of this unique offering, contact your Day-Pak representative or e-mail us at


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Vendor Managed Inventory Program



The Day-Pak VMI Program is a four-stage process that

insures total supply chain management accountability.



Stage1: Day-Pak warehouses your complete product needs in our facility. Inventory min/max levels are set based upon customer usage and manufacturer lead times to insure just in time delivery to your floor.


Stage2: You and Day-Pak work together to establish inventory min/max levels to be delivered to your facility from the Day-Pak inventory. In this step we work as a team to insure that your inventory turns are set to minimize costly overstocking saving you warehouse space, reducing product shrink and increasing cash flow.


Stage3: Once inventories have been established, Your VMI Program begins. On specified ordering days, a Day-Pak in-plant inventory associate visits your facility to take physical product counts. The Day-Pak associate will also interact with your assigned plant contacts to insure that changes in production and or sales orders are considered to insure proper order quantities. Based on established min/max levels, an order is generated for delivery on your assigned delivery date.

When the order is placed, the Day-Pak min/max inventory is adjusted and the Day-Pak purchasing department begins the replacement process for your stock program.


Stage4: On a quarterly basis, you and your Day-Pak representative review the min/max inventory and make adjustments as needed. This time is also used to review product needs, changes or quality issues that need attention. By product usage information is presented to insure proper usage of each item. Continuous Improvement initiatives are documented, reviewed and objectives established to move programs forward.


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Bin Stocking



Delivering products to your door can go one step further by utilizing

 the Day-Pak Bin Stocking Program.


Once products are delivered, a Day-Pak inventory associate will locate

your order to designated stocking areas in your facility. This service

allows your employees to concentrate on core business initiatives

without costly interruption.


Combine a Vendor Managed Inventory and Bin Stocking Program to lower your material management and procurement costs while increasing your operational efficiency.


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Systems Integration


Day-Pak, as a member of AFFLINK Business Solutions, can team with the Northrop Grumman Company to design and implement a complete and comprehensive integrated system solutions.







After initial consultation, Northrop Grumman will do an on-site analysis of your particular system needs and then provide you a complete system solution including engineering, installation, training and after sale support.


























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Logistic Services



Day-Pak customers have enjoyed delivered services for over

20 years. Our service creed, "Getting You What You Want When You Want It", can only be accomplished with proprietary trucking and warehousing.


Our Logistic Services Program allows you access to our warehouse facility and trucks for packaging and non-packaging requirements. Storage and delivery by Day-Pak can save you thousand of dollars in operational costs.


Our facilities and capabilities include:


-          Clean, Dry Warehousing

-          Bar Coding and E-catalog Service

-          Order Fulfillment

-          Contract Packaging Services

-          Regional/National Delivery


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Many businesses have benefited from integrating E-Commerce into their procurement processes.


Using the Internet, Day-Pak can provide customized catalogs, on-line ordering, centralized billing and reporting. In addition to Internet capabilities, we can interface with EDI, FTP, and procurement software applications.


For an interactive review of our online catalog and ordering system, click here.



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